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Sheraton Tysons Indian Wedding | Rajan and Drishti

From the moment Rajan and Drishti booked their wedding photography, I was pumped. Indian weddings are full of excitement, color, energy; everything you ever need for a wonderful time and amazing photos. 

From stealing the grooms shoes to the tears at the vidai, the energy at this wedding was simply infectious. Rajan made his entrance to the bride's side with music blaring, friends shouting, singing, and the drum reverberating off the hotel. The bride's family literally charged the groom as he entered! That energy never weakened from Thursday night all the way through the reception performances Saturday at the Tyson Corner Sheraton Hotel, and I was honored to take part in this special event.

Out of many thousands of images, these are my favorites below from Rajan and Drishti's wedding day.

Josh and Emily | Wedding at Skyland Resort

Living and loving life together. That's what I think of when I look back at my time with Josh and Emily over the past 8 months. This is a couple that cares deeply for each other and they are starting a wonderful life together.

I first got to know Josh and Emily during their crazy engagement session in DC. It was crazy because of the incredible wind we had to deal with! We had to get creative to hide from the gusts of wind; go see those photos here. They were so joyful and fun with each other, so I was incredibly excited for their wedding day to come.

For them, the Shenandoah was where their wedding had to be. They were engaged at the top of Old Rag and they love hiking together. Skyland Resort was perfect, offering a place for their close family and friends to stay the weekend with them.

Emily and her ladies started the morning of the wedding day with a hike, then came back to the cabin for a relaxed time of getting ready. I even caught Emily sitting on the floor, just as naturally as if it were a chair! This is the kind of person she is, she is very down to earth, with a wonderful sense of beauty. She was stunning and elegant in her wedding dress. She thought through everything detail of the wedding day to create a perfect setting for her and Josh to be married. Emily had heard about my habit of taking brides on long hikes in their dress to capture epic photos and that's exactly what she wanted! I took Josh and Emily up to the beautiful Stony Man Overlook, hiking a mile roundtrip to capture these incredible moments that tell their story so well.

Enjoy the photos below and take a special look at the chandelier that Emily created for their receptionI space. No, she didn't fold all of those cranes, but she did hang them. It is definitely one of the most unique and impressive decorations I've ever seen!

Annapolis Wedding | Seth and Christine

Nothing is more important than family. That's why we have weddings to begin with, it's the joining together of two families to form a brand new one. I love capturing such an exciting day, the start of a new legacy.

Seth and Christine met each other as midshipmen at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland. Their homes were far away for many years and a new family of friends, fellow midshipmen, grew up out of their time at the Academy. Now on their wedding day, it was these multiple families that came together to celebrate the start of Seth and Christine's new family. To make it all even more special, it was Memorial day! What a perfect way to celebrate Memorial day, photograph the wedding of two Naval Academy graduates, each on their way into the armed forces.

One of my favorite parts of the day included the time with Christine and her bridesmaids, who are all Naval Academy graduates and strong ones at that! I'm not sure how many groups of bridesmaids could hold themselves in a pull-up position for a photo together (see below). This was a wonderful group of ladies who care deeply for each other.  

The wedding was held at Trinity United Methodist Church in Annapolis, a beautiful church with a high wood ceiling, lots of windows, and a classic exterior. Seth and Christine are pretty carefree and easygoing, going so far as to chose pizza and pie for the reception! That was a first for me, and hopefully not a last.

Enjoy my favorites from their day below!

Inn at Vint Hill Wedding | John and Emily

Wow, this was an awesome wedding! But first, let's go back a bit.

I first met John and Emily separately as fellow students at Geneva College in Beaver Falls PA. With Emily, we met at band camp, where she played euphonium, and with John, I first met him officially in the Genevans, the school choir. Both John and Emily have wonderful singing voices, so music has been a part of their relationship from the beginning, and music is what led them to be together in the first place!

The catalyst for John and Emily's relationship was a school choir tour through the Philippines and Malaysia. This trip gave them that perfect opportunity to enjoy two things they love together, music and traveling. Fast forward three years, everybody said yes, and we come to their wedding day at the Inn at Vint Hill!

This was a wedding day with sunny skies, perfect temperatures, but a lot of wind! A local power outage caused us a bit of concern, but a big thanks goes out to the venue and to the sound crew for their quick action that got us back together quickly. After that, all we had to worry about if Emily's veil would fly off! 

From the start of the day I was excited to see the important role family and friends have played in each of their lives. We had so many touching family moments and so many goofy fun bridal party shots! I mean, what bridal party have you seen do a choreographed dance to start the dancing at the reception? This one!

I'm blessed to know John and Emily, and to have been there to capture the start of their lives together. Enjoy some of my favorite shots from their wedding below!

Shenandoah National Park Wedding | Nick and Jocelyn
Shenandoah Wedding Photography

In early March, Nick, Jocelyn, and I took to the Manassas Battlefield for their engagement session. Our goal was to explore the local trails to showcase their love for each other and for the outdoors. But this couple isn't just up for simple park trails, this is a couple who's first date was hiking Old Rag Mountain in the Shenandoah. For those unfamiliar with it, Old Rag is a strenuous 9-10 mile hike, it's no quiet first date stroll through the park! 

Enjoying the outdoors together has been a part of their relationship ever since the beginning, so it made perfect sense that they chose to have their wedding in the Shenandoah at Skyland Resort. Skyland is situated right along Skyline Drive, just minutes away from a number of terrific views of the valley on either side of the mountain.

But the closer I got to the resort, climbing up to the top of the ridge, the less and less I was able to see. No views were visible, Nick and Jocelyn's wedding day started out with enough fog that you could not see for more than an eighth of a mile. This lasted through the ceremony and into the reception just until we went out to capture portraits. As we drove to Big Meadows the skies began to clear and the sun even appeared! It made for an incredible ending to the day. Enjoy my favorites from their day below!

Congrats Nick and Jocelyn, I wish you all the best in your life together!