Lifestyle Portrait: Justin Addicott

This is Justin Addicott, a music education major at Geneva College. I think you might be surprised to know the variety of skills and abilities he has. In addition to having gone to radiology school, Justin has also directed many high school plays, and regularly coaches track and field. But the skill everyone at Geneva College knows and loves is the talent he has for singing!

Last May Justin sang Michael Bublé's Cry Me a River at a large student music event at Geneva, and he brought the house down! Many student can't help but think of Justin as "the guy who sang Michael Bublé." So when The Cabinet, the student paper of Geneva College, went to write an article on him, Bublé was the angle I took for the photos. I have to say, he pulls off the look very well!

Overall, this was a fun and wacky shoot! Justin is fun to work with, and this last image was by far the most fun to capture.

Read an article the Geneva Cabinet wrote on Justin here.