Mikaela's Senior Portraits

This was my favorite image from Mikaela's senior photoshoot. Click on the image for a larger view.

Mikaela is in her senior year of high school and is getting ready to attend college next fall. Having lived around Manassas for all of her life, it made sense to highlight her in two beautiful local areas, Old Town Manassas and the Bull Run Battlefield.

We had a great time capturing these portraits and Mikaela was an easy subject to photograph. It was fun for me as a photographer, as I intentionally took three lenses and only one camera. The lenses were a 50mm, a 24-70mm, and a 70-200mm, and the camera was my Nikon D4. This worked very well, as it challenged me to be more creative with each lens specifically. With the focal length changes and the differences in editing styles, each section of images has a different feeling and shows Mikaela as a person with a variety of styles.

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We started off in Old Town Manassas, and I used the 50mm up until the black and white images at the train station where I switched to the 70-200mm.

Our second stop was the Bull Run Battlefield near the Stone Bridge, where I primarily used the 24-70mm to give us a different, wider feel. The beautiful greenery and lighting was just what we were looking for!

For this last set of images I went back to the 70-200mm to create greater separation between Mikaela and the background. We also had some fun down by the river with reflections and a more moody setting.

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