New Song: A Ministry of Music

This summer, nine Geneva College student singers in the group known as New Song will be taking their skill for music and drama throughout the U.S. and into Canada. They are an extremely talented group that is well worth hearing perform.

I had the pleasure of photographing this group as part of my responsibilities as a photographer in the Geneva College Public Relations Department. We were hoping to photograph outside, but unfortunately, it was a very rainy day, so we were confined to the indoors. However, that meant we were able to utilize the Student Center building, with it's beautiful ceiling, foyer, and lounge area.

We got a lot of traditional group poses, but were able to have a lot of fun as well! While the initial photographs may give you the impression that this is a fairly tame group of students, the last bunch will tell you something very different. This is a very fun group of people, and I can only imagine what being in a car together for weeks on end will do to encourage their silliness even further.

For more information on the New Song ministry, and to find out where their tour is leading them, visit the Geneva College website. Enjoy the images!

Of course, you can't stay too serious for too long, there was much pent excitement, and angst...

Here's the group with their director of over 30 years, Mrs. Louise Copeland. She will be soon retiring, and will be missed greatly by the college and this group. 

Many blessings to this group on their upcoming tour!