Christina's Spring Senior Photos


Christina during her fall senior photoshoot.

Meet Christina, a soon-to-be high school grad who is moving on to college. Perhaps you will remember that last fall we did a senior photoshoot together. The image on the right is one of my favorites from that shoot. However, we ran out of time that day and were not able to complete everything that we wanted.

Christina decided to wait for spring to come for us to finish, hoping for a stark contrast of colors and sights at the dawn of a new season. While spring was a little late coming in the western PA area, we had plenty of greenery to utilize, and it was a beautiful day.

Once again Christina did a great job. She kept telling me that she didn't like her picture being taken, that it felt weird, but look at any of the photos and you'll never get the impression that she was the least bit out of sorts. I would say she is a quite a natural!

From my perspective of shooting, I enjoyed going back and forth between my 50mm F1.8 (for extremely shallow depth of field), and my 70-200mm F2.8 (for extreme separation in the background). Only occasionally did I put on a wide angle lens. Throughout the shoot I used a combination of natural light and/or external flash from the side.

Just beyond the park area we came underneath a neat bridge, and did a few images there. The vertical image of her leaning against the wall with her arms crossed is one of my favorites from the shoot.

Lastly, Christina did a quick change to an elegant dress to switch things up a bit, and we headed back to the park.

A personal challenge that I gave myself was to capture a truly natural smile from Christina. She did so well at giving me a posed expression that catching her in a relaxed moment was difficult! Fortunately, she did crack a few times, and in an image below you will see her lovely natural smiley self.

As a comparison from the fall, I recreated an image this spring from the fall photoshoot. In these images I held the camera high above her with a wide angle lens pointed straight down overtop of her. I love the contrast of the two seasons seen side-by-side.

Overall it was a wonderful time. Thanks, Christina, for a great shoot, and many blessings to you in your next step in life.

Thanks for stopping by to see the images. I hope you enjoyed them. Leave a comment below telling me which image was your favorite!