Morning Light


Everyone loves to do sunset engagement shoots. They're fun, they're beautiful, and you don't have to wake up crazy early to get the best light. However, if couples are willing to make an early morning call, propping up their eyelids and smiles up with toothpicks, then sunrise and early morning times can be perfect. It provides a different quality of light to use.

Morning light is different from evening in that it is less harsh, less warm, and more tranquil. This gives a lighter, softer feeling to the images. Personally, I'm a morning person, so I enjoy getting up and getting to work quickly.

The owner of this farm was gracious to allow us to use his land, and it was a wonderful setting for a shoot. Throughout it, the sheer number of smiles and grins that I was able to capture was great. Brian and Lydia were goofy and fun!

Before we finished out, I had a particular image in my head that I wanted to capture. For years I have been driving across the blue bridge that crosses over the Beaver River, and I've always thought it would be neat to get a portrait out in the center of the road. The crossing beams would be an neat visual behind the couple framed in the center.

This image has a completely different feel from the rest, and was just an opportunity for me to experiment a bit. The image turned out well, almost exactly how I envisioned it!

Do you prefer morning or evening light? Let me know, and feel free to like, share, or comment on which image you liked the most!