It's All About Location, Location, Pittsburgh!

Although it may sound overly simple, choosing the right location for your engagement shoot is an important part in creating excellent images. Not only is the location important in terms of having a beautiful backdrop, but it must also be a place where a couple can have fun and feel at ease.

For some couples, going back to where they were engaged can be the perfect environment for engagement photos. This was the case with Jeff and Shaila, who were engaged in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh. Not only were they engaged there, but they are both from nearby areas, so this this was an important place for the two of them.

We visited two different sites, the first at Point Park, and the second on a ridge overlooking the city. A storm was just passing through when we arrived, so we had to battle a few high winds until the sun broke out. Once it did we could not have asked for a more beautiful day.

Enjoy the images!

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