Personal Training Photography with DeHenzel Training Systems

I have to admit that when it comes to working out, I always need motivation. Keeping fit isn't easy, and without proper goals and someone to help get you there, progress may never be achieved.

Jason and Sophie DeHenzel began DeHenzel Training Systems in order to, "enhance your life through exercise, allowing you to become better at what you already do."

"We make exercising more convenient for you by bringing the gym to your home, workplace gym, or outdoor setting.  All of our training programs are customized to fit your individual physical abilities, limitations, and desires ("

Sophie and Jason of DeHenzel Training Systems

Jason and Sophie came to me looking for images that show them working with real clients. They found two wonderful and willing clients with a beautiful home. We ended up photographing a variety of traditional and custom exercises that are built to meet the client's needs.

As someone who enjoys being active, fit, and able to hike a mountain at any time, I enjoyed seeing how they direct their clients and help them reach their goals. Not only is it effective, but it is fun! Jason and Sophie are a relaxed and friendly couple, perfect for bringing into your home.

Enjoy the images below, and visit the DTS website to learn more about Jason and Sophie's personal training system.