The Woodbrige Flute Choir

From the tiny piccolo to the massive contrabass, I've never seen so many flutes in one place! 

As a musician who is proficient in the saxophone and flute, I really enjoyed photographing the Woodbridge Flute Choir. They performed a variety of pieces, producing both beautiful and technically excellent music, and at times some very ethereal sounds as well!

This is no small town flute choir, the Woodbridge Flute Choir has performed most notably at the White House and at two National Flute Association Conventions.  I photographed the choir for Prince William Living magazine, which wrote a wonderful article on the choir that tells about their history, community involvement, and much more.

Visit to learn more and to find information about their upcoming events.

Enjoy the images below! These images and more are available for purchase on the Prince William Living website here.