Headshots with Allegro CSA, Warrenton VA

The Allegro CSA website staff bio page.

The Allegro CSA website staff bio page.

I have worked with Allegro Community School of the Arts on a variety of projects, the most recent of which was outfitting each of their staff with headshot images for their website bios! 

Allegro is a community school of the arts, so I wanted the instructors' friendly and personable nature to really come through in these images. I choose to photograph them in a variety of settings in and around their location on Main Street in Warrenton. Nothing with too much of a "studio" feel, and preferably in an outdoor setting that was reminiscent of the historic and warm Old Town Warrenton aesthetics.

These were all busy people who I was photographing just before or after teaching a private music lesson. Most were coming from work or heading right out to another job, or home to their family. Because of this, I kept the setup extremely simple, using only one off camera flash with an umbrella, and the sun for a rim light where needed. This allowed me to be very quick and flexible to a range of people.

Enjoy the images, and be sure to visit the Allegro website to see the photos and to read about these talented musicians!