Fall Family Photoshoot at Belmont Bay

Meet the Anderson family, a family that truly savors life together. Their photo session from back in November was kept under wraps until the Christmas presents were opened. I'm happy to share it with you now and introduce you to this extremely fun family!

These kids enjoyed being together; it wasn't at all difficult for me to capture authentic moments of them playing and celebrating life. The backdrop for this shoot was Belmont Bay, near Woodbridge Virginia. We were able to feature fallen leaves, warm evening light, a cool autumn sunset, and lots of joy.

This will give you a taste of how I work with families. I prefer to photograph them having a good time, walking, playing, exploring, being the family unit that they are. This allows us to create beautiful candid portraits of each of the children and parents. No one likes being in photos unless they are having a good time, so for the kids that meant throwing lots of leaves at me!

Highlights from this session are below, be sure to like, comment, and share if you enjoyed them!