Stone Tower Winery Wedding: Ben and Deborah

Stone Tower Winery Wedding

It's time to finally share this incredible wedding from last September! Ok, I may have procrastinated a bit, but there's a good reason. The reason is that this wedding at Stone Tower Winery was one I where I was the second shooter, this time for my good friend and photographer Adam Mason. My wife and I have had a busy year expecting a newborn, and combined with so many other weddings to capture that time of year and leading into this year, it took me a while to get around to sharing Ben and Deborah's wedding. 

Second shooting isn't something I get to do often, but when I love it when I have the chance as it is always a unique perspective. Instead of being the headliner who is getting the primary shots, it was my job to cover the wedding from a side perspective. I covered the guys getting ready and always kept an eye out for additional fun side angles throughout the day, capturing anything the main photographer Adam couldn't. It's the same reason I have second photographers at many of my weddings - two people are better than one and give you a more rounded look at the day.

Getting into Ben and Deborah's wedding I first have to tell you about the venue, Stone Tower Winery. What a place! The lush, green, rolling hills full of grape vines, the main building with open wood ceilings, a wine cellar, and reception space filled with windows looking out over the landscape. I could say so much more but this is simply put a beautiful wedding venue. I had a great time covering the guys in the early afternoon, even through the splitting of Ben's pants! Maybe jumping on the back of a groomsman wasn't the best idea, but thanks to a mom's fancy sewing skills it was a problem quickly solved.

It was a fantastic day all around! Take a look at all the details and check out their full photo story below!