Design Editor - The Geneva Cabinet

In my position as Design Editor for the Geneva Cabinet I was responsible for laying out the weekly print version of the paper. This involves bringing together the work of photographers and writers into one cohesive unit, and requires fulfilling particular design needs each week, such as these front cover and center page spread designs.

These projects were accomplished using Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator through the combination of stock imagery, my own photography, and original design work.

This was a front cover piece I designed for the Geneva Cabinet, the student paper of Geneva College. The issue was covering aspects of things having to do with the arts, specifically how people consume, create, and critique all forms of art.

A center spread photograph and design for a feature on Geneva College sprinter Ed Schuster.

A front cover feature that I designed for the Geneva Cabinet on the state of higher education.

The center spread for the Geneva Cabinet issue on the arts.

A front cover design of an issue of the Geneva Cabinet, featuring my photograph of Ed Schuster, a record breaking sprinter at Geneva College.