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Rob Jinks

Rob Jinks, wedding photographer based out of Northern Virginia.

A few years ago my grandmother brought out her wedding album from 1958 to show me for the first time. With this she shared stories of her and my grandfather's life together, of our family history, and the story that ultimately led to me!

I absolutely love capturing incredible once-in-a-lifetime wedding experiences, but before that moment with my grandmother, albums were just a pretty way to display photos. Until I experienced it myself, I didn't realize how important wedding photos and wedding albums really were in the story of family, in preserving the legacy, and sharing your history decades into the future.

This new component complemented my desire to capture weddings in a photojournalistic manner, which stemmed from my time photographing events, news, sports, and magazine stories. Now my goal is to capture your wedding in a similar manner and to give you the ability to preserve your legacy, relive the joy of your wedding, and share those stories for generations. 

This wasn't what I saw myself doing originally. I never guessed I would love photographing weddings as much as I do now. Growing up, my life was all about music, to the point that I went on to major in saxophone alongside my degree in business. When I started to shoot weddings in college I learned just how special each wedding story is and that unique story is what gets me excited every time.

Today I live with my beautiful wife Hannah and our 7 month old son Nathaniel. We share a love for the outdoors, for hiking, camping, reading, learning, and enjoying great music. Ultimately, people are the most important part of our lives and that flows over into my wedding photography. Your wedding is the start of your life together with the most important person in your life. It is an honor to be alongside to capture the beginning of it all.

Hannah and I on our wedding day.

Our son, Nathaniel Jinks.

Old Rag, one of our favorite hikes in the Shenandoah.

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