Real Wedding stories


Photos are so much more than just an image frozen in time. Something I believe very deeply is that behind every moment on your wedding day there is a deeper story to tell. We are layers and layers of history and experiences, all of which have led up to your day. There is meaning to be captured; your real story to tell.

Click through the galleries below to read real stories from real weddings!

Rob works hard to capture the personality of the couple and others so each picture tells a story.

Sarah, Fairfax, Virginia Wedding



A massive sanctuary puts pressure on this tired young flower girl.


An intimate, emotional moment on the dance floor.

COME along TO ONE OF THE FIRST WEDDINGS that made me say "WHOA."

Feel the anticipation in this quaint country style church



"He seemed genuinely interested in us and our story which I think really helped him connect with us and get the shots we were hoping for."

Matt, Shenandoah National Park Wedding



Every image holds something more and I love those meaningful moments that you just read about. But weddings are full of all kinds of moments, so let's take a look at some full galleries of wedding photos!