Your Wedding


You did it, you got engaged, that's awesome! Now you are planning your wedding and you know you want photos, or maybe you don't?

Wait, the wedding photographer is saying "I don't want photos." Is he nuts?

Let's face it, you don't just want photos, anyone can do that. You want something more. You want memories; you want the context. You want real moments.

I am here to capture your day in a way that gives you authentic, meaningful images that truly tell your story and years from now will let you jump back to relive your day.

Scroll down to see what I mean.

Virginia wedding photographer

"Rob caught wonderful candid moments that covered everything and tell an amazing story of our wedding."

Valerie, Luray Virginia Wedding


Explore your wedding

Life is full of the unexpected, full of adventure and meaningful moments. When you live in those moments, they can take your breath away. For your wedding photography, I’ll help you experience a level of spontaneity that gives us the freedom to not wait for the perfect photo but to capture the unscripted perspective, giving you images that will hold a much deeper meaning.

Maryland Indian Wedding

Relive your wedding

These are not just pretty pictures. When you look back at your wedding photos you will feel like you are reliving your day. The photos I give you will allow you to jump back, helping you participate and connect with the emotions, the memories, and the people on one of the most important days in your life.

Tysons Virginia Indian Wedding

experience Your Story

Behind every moment, behind every image there is something deeper to uncover. Layers and layers of history and experiences have brought you here. You know that story and now it is time to capture it. I will fill your photos with as much meaning and context as I can so that you can relive the legacy of your wedding day, the story that you will know and feel is truly you.



You will know that your photos are truly you because they will be real, honest, and accurate to the moment. I don’t want to force you to pose, to fit your wedding into a box, but instead give you images with integrity, ones that tell genuine stories from true experiences.