Prospero's Books | Historic Old Town Manassas Bookstore

he Historic Old Town Manassas train station. 

If you love reading, plus the look and smell of old books, then Prospero's bookstore in Old Town Manassas Virginia is the place to go. I love visiting this quaint, small town bookstore and seeing the variety of old books they have there. This collection of images were ones I took on a recent visit to the store.

Bob Chase, Sales Manager at Prospero's.

With 85,000 volumes, Prospero's was founded in 1993 and inhabits a beautiful 100 year old building. Their inventory includes fiction and non-fiction, but specializes in military history, American, general and hardback fiction. Their Civil War collection is considered to be one of the best in the area.

"Every bookstore needs a cat," said Bob Chase, the Sales Manager. This cat didn't like it's picture being taken, and refused to give me a good look in my direction. It didn't mind being pet, but the minute the camera came around it would wander off.

hat I loved most apart from looking through the old books was seeing them on the shelf, their beautiful spines tingling and glistening in the light from the window.

f you're ever in the Old Town Manassas area, this bookstore is definitely worth a stop.