Charles and Jenna's Engagement

Charles asked Jenna to marry him in Occoquan Virginia, so it was there that we chose to capture engagement photos of the couple. Although a small town, it is a beautiful one with plenty of areas and backdrops to utilize. We revisited the site of their engagement and used the town as a whole to showcase the two.

It was a challenge for me a photographer because of the time of day that we did the shoot; high noon. Usually I try to have engagement sessions in the morning or evening because the light is most beautiful and easiest to use.

But at noon this is not the case.

At noon the sun is high in the sky, casting shadows straight down on and around the subjects. To combat this we stayed mostly in the shade, but were able to use the bright light to our advantage at times, creating some high contrast, harshly lit images.

Charles and Jenna's wedding will be here soon, and it was exciting to see the anticipation in them. Enjoy the gallery below, and be sure to share, like, and comment on what you like most!