69th Annual Manassas Christmas Parade!

The things that went by my camera in the two hours of the Manassas Christmas Parade included floats, balloons, vintage cars, jeeps, motorcycles, emergency vehicles, marching bands, kids, adults, dogs, dogs in strollers, giant dogs, giant cows, giant vertebrae, giant shoes, horses, color guards, dance teams, belly dance teams, a whole host of paraphernalia from the Frozen movie, and much more.

The Manassas Christmas Parade was a large community parade with a lot of support and excitement from the crowd. The joy of Christmas was all around, and excitement was high for the holiday season. The only downside to the event was the rain. If only it had been a bit colder, then we could have had a true white Christmas parade!

I had the pleasure of photographing this event for Prince William Living Magazine. Head over to their website for additional images.

Enjoy the images below, and plan to attend this great event next year if you missed it

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