Colorado Honeymoon Adventures!

A beautiful grove of Aspen trees on the trail to Opal Lake, just outside of Pagosa Springs Colorado.

On June 7th, 2014, I had the eternal pleasure of marrying the most wonderful woman I know, Hannah Wethered. Now, as team Jinks, we're off on new adventures! Our first was on our honeymoon in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Having been to Pagosa a few years ago and knowing what awaited us, I was excited to explore this beautiful area of southern Colorado with my new wife. Hannah and I love the outdoors and we love to hike, so we were in the right place.

For this trip I only took my small Sony A7 mirrorless camera and two lenses, a 35mm for every-day walking around, and a 14mm for landscapes. The 14mm really got a workout, as you will see below. There was grand scenery everywhere we went!

With these images I'll take you on a little tour of our outdoor adventures around Pagosa Springs Colorado.

Hiking Day #1: Treasure Falls and Wolf Creek Pass

Hiking Day #2: Opal Lake

Mesa Verde Indian Dwellings

Hiking Day #3

So much scenery, so little time. Even with this many images I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of the natural beauty we saw. It is a wonderful contrast to see the west when living on the east coast. They each have so much to show, so many stories to tell, and each are so incredibly different from each other. 

I'm curious to know which of these was your favorite! Leave a comment to let me know, like this post, or share it with a friend.