Whatever You Do, Tell A Story

It's difficult sometimes to find a good story when you're going through familiar areas and seeing in your head only the images you have already captured. But this exercise of shooting in familiar spaces keeps me fresh and ready for the next client event or portrait that comes. It pushes me to find the creative images and stories that exist, stories which are always fresh.

Since the beginning of the new year I've take a few small trips around the area, and these are just some of the images and stories from that time.

The first set is from a cold evening at Harpers Ferry.  Despite the temperatures I was surprised at how many people were out. As we walked over the steel bridge crossing the Potomac river, many families, dogs, and kids passed us on their way home. We didn't stay long, just enough to enjoy a few sights and hope for another day to enjoy the town further.

These next three images are of a fantastic street performer that I came across in Washington DC. As a sax player myself, what surprised me most was his incredible improvisation and tone, and the fact that he was performing in the rain! He even played a request for a faster tune so my wife and I could do a little swing dance on the sidewalk! 

These last images are from hikes and exploration I've gone on since the new year. There is always a story to be told, no matter where we are in life. At home, in DC, on a vacation, with family. The reason I try to never go without a camera is that these moments happen when you least expect it.