Nate and Shelby: Autumn Wedding in Reading PA

Before his wedding, when I first thought about Nate, I thought of the tough soccer and rugby player I met at Geneva College. This guy could take a hit, and he remains a skilled athlete today.

As I have  gotten to know him more, and as I saw him on his wedding day, it was clear that Nate is a strong man of God, with a deep sense of dedication, leadership, and tenderness for his wife. Not only that, but he has a great smile, especially when Shelby was walking down the aisle. 

Before the wedding I knew very little about Shelby, but I know that if Nate asked her to be his wife, she had to be an incredible woman. 

Shelby included a number of unique items into the wedding day, including these beautiful bracelets and henna tattoos.

Nate chose initialed tie clips for his men.

Nate and Shelby's ceremony was a true celebration, with a great message, lots of singing, and of course a first kiss.

Just behind the church venue was a row of colorful tree that we used for bridal party portraits. There was a harsh cold breeze, so we didn't stay out too long!

Of course we had to have a little fun. The ladies found Nate to be as light as a feather, imagine that!

These are just the highlights, but if you would like to see more or purchase printed images, visit their full gallery here.

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