Snow Day!

What do you do on a snow day? 

I walk out in it, freeze a few fingers, shoot a few frames, and enjoy being creative for creativity's sake.  It's true that snow is alluring and tends to bring out the photographers. For me it is fun to see normal everyday things turned into something totally new.

For all of these images I focused more on close shots as opposed to landscapes. For this first set of images I wanted to show the detail of snow by isolating snowflakes and other shapes with low apertures and black and white processing; however, I also wanted to also convey a sense of extreme cold. Black and white warms up the images more than I would like, so I turned these a slight tinted blue and boosted the contrast.

A few images did merit being in color. The one small bird on the stick looked very cold and didn't mind when I got extremely close!

Enjoy these few images taken outside my home on a blustery, snowy Saturday, and let me know know which you enjoy the most!