Jared and Erica's Wedding Day - Black and White Edition

It isn't often that a consistent editing theme comes out when I am going through a set of wedding photos, but Jared and Erica's were an exception.

Although I enjoy editing images to black and white very much, generally there are only a very small number of images that merit this conversion. Most of the time it is because of strong textures, heavy contrast, or stark lines that are present, all of which help make for an excellent black and white. But while editing this set of wedding images I found myself converting more photos than normal to black and white. In fact, if you strip away all of the color images, I came out with over fifty images that can tell the entire story of the day in black and white.

There are a large number of color images from Jared and Erica's wedding that I enjoy very much, but it is fascinating to me to see the entire wedding day in black and white. With black and white, the viewers attention is drawn to the most important qualities and subjects in the frame. Black and white images have a timeless quality that gives one the sense that they will be just as meaningful viewed 100 years from now. 

Enjoy the memories from Jared and Erica's day! Be sure to like, comment, and share with your friends.

Small print package: $25
Three 4x6 prints +  two 5x7 prints

Medium print package: $50
Three 4x6 prints, three 5x7 prints, one 8x10 print

Large print package: $90
Five 4x6 prints, five 5x7 prints, three 8x10 prints

À la carte prints available

Here is a look at the wedding day completely in black and white.