Faces of the Civil War

Musket and canon blasts, intricate period detail, and a parade of authentic reenactors all brought the Civil War to life at the 5th annual Manassas Civil War Weekend.  I photographed the event for Prince William Living Magazine and had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with this important history and was captivated by the details of the reenactors. Just seeing them pulled you into their story, and once again I had to capture the "faces of the Civil War."

What a story these faces tell! The hardships of living over 150 years ago, working hard for food on your land and fighting for it at the same time. From generals to farmers, society women to housekeepers, there are stories here that speak to a time and world that just a short time ago was very different from our own.

Enjoy these portraits, and plan to visit Manassas next year to experience this history for yourself.

Watch the video below and visit Prince William Living Magazine to see all the images from the parade down the streets of Old Town Manassas.