Christmas Wedding Bells!

This year, the day after Christmas, I was blessed to capture the wedding of Steve and Samantha in Triangle Virginia. The unusual part was that they were already married.

Steve is an active member of the military, so it made sense for him and Samantha to tie the knot several years ago and wait until now to celebrate more formally. And what better time to celebrate than the day after Christmas! Decorations were everywhere, and family and friends are already in town.

One of the things I loved about this wedding was how authentic it felt. There was nothing that wasn't true to Steve, Samantha, and their family. Both the preparations and the reception were at their home. Photos of their kids getting ready even included cameos from The Hulk and Spider-Man hanging on the wall!

It was great to watch this family come together to celebrate something that had already occurred, but which now was being truly celebrated. Congrats Steve and Samantha! 

Highlights from the day are below, and be sure to comment, like, and share if you enjoyed them!