Living Life Without Excuses

Belinda Miller, author of  Phillip’s Quest   and   The Ragwort Chronicles.  Photos by Rob Jinks

Belinda Miller, author of Phillip’s Quest and The Ragwort Chronicles. Photos by Rob Jinks

I want to share with you the story of an incredible woman I recently met. Her name is Belinda Miller, and she is a mother, a former teacher, holder of a masters degree, and an author of two kids book series, Phillip’s Quest and The Ragwort Chronicleswith a total of 10 books in all. Oh yeah, and she also has muscular dystrophy.

For those who may not know, muscular dystrophy is a difficult disease to live with, as the person gradually experiences the loss of muscle mass. Your body basically cannot do what you want it to do, muscles just don't respond.

The images in this post I created for Prince William Living Magazine, which wrote a complete article on Belinda, her work, and her life. Here is a short quote from the full article, telling about her process of writing.

Miller outlined the physical process she undergoes to see her fantastical worlds come to life. “My right hand is pretty much gone. I can only use one finger to type,” she said. “My left hand is weak, but I can type for maybe a couple hours. I get cramps in my hand, and I get tired. It takes me a long time to type.” What about modern technologies, such as voice recognition software, that translate spoken word to text? “Because I don’t have a normal speech pattern [due to weakening across facial muscles], it’s very difficult for them to translate into written word,” Miller explained.

What impressed me most as I talked with Belinda was her strength, perseverance, and joy! Here is a woman who physically can only do a fraction of what I can do, but who has accomplished incredible things with her books, products, education, teaching, and with her inspirational life example.

Her final words in the magazine article impressed me most.

"Until I’m to the point where I totally cannot do anything, I’m going to do as much as I can. Everyone is dealt certain obstacles,” Miller said. “It’s up to you whether to feel sorry for yourself. You’re either going to do it, or you’re going to make an excuse for not doing it."

How often do we create obstacles and excuses for ourselves? Belinda is such a kind woman who was a joy to be around, and she impressed me with a feeling of "NO EXCUSES!" What have I got to complain about? God has blessed me more than I could ever expect, so what is stopping me, or you, from accomplishing what He's given us to do?

Whatever you do, in work, in the home, as an artist and creative, you have no excuses but to do your best with what God has given you. No matter how much or how little that is, we all have an obligation to use it to His glory, to the betterment and life of the world, in whatever capacity we can. 

"Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more." Luke 12:48

Belinda is a resident of Manassas in Prince William County. Enjoy reading her full story on the Prince William Living Magazine website here.

Belinda isn't afraid to laugh at herself and enjoy life to the fullest. Her scooter is decked out with a Harley-Davidson logo and complete with rear view mirrors!