Adam and Takae | Wedding at Big Meadows Lodge

Even though I've been to the Shenandoah numerous times, this was my first time at Big Meadows Lodge along Skyline Drive, and what an incredible place it is!

Big Meadows is exactly what it says, a large open meadow at the top of the ridge.  Most of the Shenandoah mountains are fairly narrow, but Big Meadows has a large expanse of flat land at the top of the ridge. The image above is an example of that large grassland, which was perfect for photos!

Adam and Takae's ceremony was held on the back terrace of the lodge at Big Meadows, which has a beautiful view overlooking the Shenandoah Valley to the west. We were blessed with one of the most temperate summer days, with gorgeous sun, large puffy clouds, and mid 70s temperatures. This couple each brought their own unique cultural traditions to the ceremony and together it was a touching look at their love.

Enjoy the highlights from their wedding story below!