Wedding Day | Andrew and Jerusha

I've had the pleasure of knowing Andrew from the start of high school. Over the years we've gone on many of outdoor adventures together with our friends; we've got more than a few good stories from those trips!

Last year Andrew and Jerusha asked me to be their wedding photographer, and I could not have been more excited. Excited for Andrew finding such a terrific woman in Jerusha, and excited that I would get the opportunity to capture their wedding story. 

Jerusha comes from an Indian background, so their wedding was infused with many Indian traditions. During the ceremony, Andrew hung a necklace around Jerusha while his oldest sister observed. During the reception, Andrew and Jerusha wore authentic Indian wedding garments and Jerusha's family sang traditional songs. It was a beautiful mix with her white lace wedding dress earlier in the day.

I'm excited for Andrew and Jerusha and their life together. Seeing a friend find the love of his life and being able to capture it? Priceless!

Enjoy their wedding story below! 

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