Inn at Vint Hill Wedding | John and Emily

Wow, this was an awesome wedding! But first, let's go back a bit.

I first met John and Emily separately as fellow students at Geneva College in Beaver Falls PA. With Emily, we met at band camp, where she played euphonium, and with John, I first met him officially in the Genevans, the school choir. Both John and Emily have wonderful singing voices, so music has been a part of their relationship from the beginning, and music is what led them to be together in the first place!

The catalyst for John and Emily's relationship was a school choir tour through the Philippines and Malaysia. This trip gave them that perfect opportunity to enjoy two things they love together, music and traveling. Fast forward three years, everybody said yes, and we come to their wedding day at the Inn at Vint Hill!

This was a wedding day with sunny skies, perfect temperatures, but a lot of wind! A local power outage caused us a bit of concern, but a big thanks goes out to the venue and to the sound crew for their quick action that got us back together quickly. After that, all we had to worry about if Emily's veil would fly off! 

From the start of the day I was excited to see the important role family and friends have played in each of their lives. We had so many touching family moments and so many goofy fun bridal party shots! I mean, what bridal party have you seen do a choreographed dance to start the dancing at the reception? This one!

I'm blessed to know John and Emily, and to have been there to capture the start of their lives together. Enjoy some of my favorite shots from their wedding below!