Jay and Elizabeth | Washington DC Wedding and Rooftop Reception!

When you're in DC, it's easy to feel like you're in one of the busiest and most congested cities in the country, because you are. Having said that, I love DC! What an incredible range of places to go, things to do, and weddings to photograph!

Jay and Elizabeth's wedding was in a beautiful old Anglican church, which once you were inside felt like it was a world away from the bustle just beyond its walls. This building had intricate classic stained glass windows all around the sanctuary which we had to include in the portraits!

The reception was held on the roof of a neat Belgian restaurant on 8th Street SE called Belga Cafe, which Jay actually worked at at one point. This was a very close knit group of family and friends who shared the evening together celebrating and eating some of the best wedding food I've ever tasted!

Enjoy the highlights from Jay and Elizabeth's Washington DC wedding below!