One Month Old Baby Photos | Family Session With the Castros

Becoming a father last September gave me a new appreciation for baby and family photos. I enjoyed capturing families before, but now I see those images not only as beautiful art around the home but as the start of a child's history and the continued story of a family legacy.

When Heather and Joe asked me to be the photographer to capture their one-month-old son Jake, I was excited! I personally love images that feature the family and the baby in the home and in spaces around the home. It's a lifestyle approach, one that shows real life and the things that happen in a family, such as the dog licking the baby's feet!

The session started inside their home with Joe holding and playing with his new son Jake. Joe is a fitness coach; he's no small dude! But how cute it was to see this strong father tenderly holding his tiny little boy. We took to the areas just around their home to finish up the session at the best time of the day, right before sunset. It was a beautiful time all around and I'm excited to see what the future holds for little Jake and his family!