Scott and Valerie's Shenandoah National Park Wedding

I first met Scott and Valerie for their engagement shoot, which was a beautiful session in Washington DC. They live in a busy part of the city and wanted their engagement to be a contrast to where their wedding would be, in the Shenandoah National Park!

See, Scott and Valerie aren't total city people. They first met on a Meetup hike along the Appalachian Trail! Hiking and the outdoors hold an important place in their hearts, so Skyland Resort in the Shenandoah was perfect to host their wedding.

Being a hiker, backpacker, and lover of the outdoors myself, I was excited for another opportunity to photograph in one of my favorite places. But I knew that we had to do something a little different and fortunately this was the perfect couple for it!

I wanted to take Scott and Valerie to a beautiful place near Skyland Resort, to Stony Man Mountain. This is a trail I have hiked many times, and while it isn't difficult it is a half mile long and I had never seen anyone do it in a wedding dress! Valerie was totally up for it and hiked a mile round trip in her wedding dress to capture these incredible images at the view of Stony Man.

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