Shenandoah Wedding | Andy and Theresa

For Andy and Theresa, this wasn't just their wedding day, it was a family reunion. They wanted to make this day about the most important people in their lives and about the joining together of multiple families, not just their own. To top it off, they wanted to do it all in one of their favorite places, the Shenandoah.

Their wedding at Skyland Resort started with wind, drizzle, and a lot of joy! I had a great time photographing Theresa getting ready; her ladies had her laughing all afternoon! Andy and Theresa shared a quick first look, then it was off for portraits at an overlook. Fortunately, all we had to contend with during the portraits was the wind, which howled up and over the mountain, driving Theresa's train and hair in wild directions!

At the reception, person after person spoke highly of them, both individually and as a couple. I've never heard so many great speeches! These are two incredible people who are blessed to call each other husband and wife.

Enjoy the highlights from their wedding day below!