The Inn At Vint Hill | Uzo and Tierney

Vint Hill Inn Wedding

Two countries, two cultures, and two families came together last Saturday to make a brand new family at the wedding of Uzo and Tierney!

Uzo and Tierney held their wedding at the Inn at Vint Hill, a beautiful manor house in Warrenton, Virginia. You have to see the photos below and find the Harry Potter easter eggs throughout the wedding, my favorite of which was the guest sign-in, where people signed and stamped little feet onto a Marurader's Map!

After getting soaked two weeks ago, mother nature played with us again at this wedding. While we were safe from the rain during the ceremony under the Inn's tent, we did have to escape indoors afterward because of the tornado warning. Twenty minutes later, after torrential, sideways rain, blue skies reappeared and the day went back to normal.

Uzo's Nigerian heritage was celebrated with during the reception with traditional Nigerian Igbo wedding attire and during Uzo's father's speech where they passed the Kola nut. Uzo and his mom also did one of the best parent dances I've seen. This wasn't a tear-jerking slow tune, they got down together and rocked the stage!

I loved getting to know Uzo, Tierney, and their family. From the start of their engagement session, I found Uzo and Tierney to be incredibly sweet with each other, and that held true through the wedding. So scroll down and check out their story!