Tysons Corner Indian Wedding | Shaleen and Sejal

Virginia Indian Wedding Photographer

From Kenya, to India, to Australia and more, family and friends came from all over the world to celebrate Shaleen and Sejal's wedding! 

The celebration started for me on Wednesday before the ceremony, with Sejal having her arms and feet covered in beautiful henna designs. The next evening, the Mehndi, was a time for the bride's side to enjoy together, with the henna art available for all the women and a few men! Friday started the bigger celebrations, with the bride's ceremony, the Vidi, in the morning, and the Garba, the dancing, in the evening. Saturday came with early morning preparations followed by the Barat (one of my favorite parts of any Indian wedding), and the incredible ceremony at the Tysons Corner Sheraton.

Throughout the week I loved capturing the intense moments of joy between family and friends, especially during the dancing! There is color everywhere, wonderful customs and ceremonies, but through it all family was the most important part. Enjoy their photo story below!