Washington DC Mall Wedding | Ray and Leah

Wedding at the DC War Memorial along the Washington DC Mall.

One of the aspects of wedding photography that I love is capturing the everyday moments of life, not just the big epic wedding shots. These are the ones that show who you are, your story, your history, your family. On this weekend with Leah and Ray I got to shadow them and do exactly that, capturing the in-between moments throughout their wedding day. With all of it together it tells an amazing story.

For me it started at 6:30am at their apartment, shooting images of their getting-ready process and Leah's makeup. I love that it was at their apartment, this way the images could include the aspects of their home that make it special to them. Ray's daughter was also with us, so this was really a family morning that I was a fly on the wall to capture.

Their wedding was held under the DC War Memorial south of the reflecting pool between the Lincoln and the WWII memorials. We left their apartment early in order to capture portraits around the Mall, and fortunately, we arrived before large crowds had formed and while there was still great morning light. It was here that I truly began to see the wonderful details of Ray and Leah's relationship, from the way Leah smiled at Ray, to the way they randomly danced together during the portraits, this is a beautiful relationship.

Their family and guests arrived together in a bus just before their ceremony at 10am. This was no traditional wedding day and no traditional ceremony. Leah didn't wear a traditional wedding dress, her father officiated, everyone stood at the ceremony, and someone brought a three-foot pencil. Say what? It is a family joke gone crazy and it was great seeing Ray and Leah's reaction to that surprise.

After the ceremony and a time of portraits around the Tidal Basin, everyone stood ready to ride the bus back to Bethesda. While we waited, a few of Leah and Ray's family brought everyone together into two lines to cheer on passing bikers as they rode by on the sidewalk. In addition to that, the bus ride back was nothing but a sing along the whole way. This was a fun family to get to know!

From there we all had a break and didn't see the couple again until late afternoon when we gathered back to get ready for the reception. Their reception was held at the Redwood Restaurant in Bethesda, a modern style restaurant in the middle of a courtyard of shops. From there it was a night of spending time with their most important people in their lives.

All in all, it was a blessing to be a part of this weekend celebration. I was honored to get to know these two special people and their incredible family. Enjoy the photo story from their day below!

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