Wedding at Evergreen Country Club | Rob and Angela

evergreen country club wedding

Evergreen Country Club is a lush venue that sits at the foot of the Bull Run Mountains. The intense, late-summer greens and beautiful manor house gave me a wide variety of areas to be creative in on Rob and Angela’s wedding day!

Rob and Angela are two people who never stop smiling, and it’s the cutest thing ever. Leading up to the wedding people were betting that Rob would cry during the ceremony, and when it came time he couldn’t hold it back. Their love for each other runs deep, as many testified to during the reception speeches.

My favorite part of the day had to be the reception, where it seemed like everyone, young and old, were out dancing all night! This was long-awaited and very special day for them to share with their closet family and friends, and I’m honored to have been able to capture their story.

Enjoy the photos below!