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Jewish Wedding Ceremony | Shai and Carolyn

Beating your future husband in monopoly, that's not usually how love stories begin. For Shai and Carolyn, what started as a rough introduction of Shai besting Carolyn in a board game later became a thriving friendship and a recipe for love.

It was the Shenandoah where they had one of their first dates and it was the Shenandoah where Shai asked for Carolyn's hand in marriage. Naturally, this was a place they wanted to share with their friends and family when it came time for their wedding day. Skyland Resort's outdoor amphitheater and rustic reception hall were perfect to highlight their day.

I loved Shai and Carolyn's ceremony, which was full of beautiful Jewish wedding traditions. It was a wedding full of meaning and full of touching moments. The Rabbi's retelling of each of their answers to "what do you love about the other" had everyone laughing and crying.

Two of my favorite parts of the day were being able to spend time with the bridal party, who were an extremely fun group of people, as well as the time we had for portraits at a nearby overlook. The mountains are always an incredible backdrop!

Enjoy the highlights from their day below!

Marriott Ranch Wedding | Marc and Nikki

As I drove to Marriott Ranch to photograph Marc and Nikki's wedding, I could not believe the scenery! I've never been to Ireland, but the road leading me to their venue felt like it must be a road through Ireland, with hill after hill of lush greenery. I had forgotten just how beautiful the valley south of Rt. 66, the foothills of the Blue Ridge, could be this time of year. 

When I got the venue I was once again in awe of the beauty around me. Rolling hills and cow pastures lead up to the James Marshall Manor House where Nikki was getting ready. This was the perfect place for Marc and Nikki, giving them a blend of both historic as well as modern, with an open-air pavilion for the reception.

Marc and Nikki are both very humble, kind, fun people. It was truly a joy to be around them and to photograph them with their bridal party, who were all awesome! The connection the bride had with the maid of honor went especially deep, so deep the maid of honor sang a surprise Whitney Houston song during the reception! Singing "I Will Always Love You" has been a joke between the two of them for a while.

Enjoy the highlights from their day below!

Shenandoah Wedding | Andy and Theresa

For Andy and Theresa, this wasn't just their wedding day, it was a family reunion. They wanted to make this day about the most important people in their lives and about the joining together of multiple families, not just their own. To top it off, they wanted to do it all in one of their favorite places, the Shenandoah.

Their wedding at Skyland Resort started with wind, drizzle, and a lot of joy! I had a great time photographing Theresa getting ready; her ladies had her laughing all afternoon! Andy and Theresa shared a quick first look, then it was off for portraits at an overlook. Fortunately, all we had to contend with during the portraits was the wind, which howled up and over the mountain, driving Theresa's train and hair in wild directions!

At the reception, person after person spoke highly of them, both individually and as a couple. I've never heard so many great speeches! These are two incredible people who are blessed to call each other husband and wife.

Enjoy the highlights from their wedding day below!

Sheraton Tysons Indian Wedding | Rajan and Drishti

From the moment Rajan and Drishti booked their wedding photography, I was pumped. Indian weddings are full of excitement, color, energy; everything you ever need for a wonderful time and amazing photos. 

From stealing the grooms shoes to the tears at the vidai, the energy at this wedding was simply infectious. Rajan made his entrance to the bride's side with music blaring, friends shouting, singing, and the drum reverberating off the hotel. The bride's family literally charged the groom as he entered! That energy never weakened from Thursday night all the way through the reception performances Saturday at the Tyson Corner Sheraton Hotel, and I was honored to take part in this special event.

Out of many thousands of images, these are my favorites below from Rajan and Drishti's wedding day.