Fritz and Kristi: Delaplane Virginia Wedding

Every time I have driven through the Delaplane Valley, enjoying the rolling green hills, the lazy country stream, and the views of incredible estates, I have also noticed a small church building that sits just to the side of the road, hidden behind a few trees. I have passed this church building at least 40 times or more, and have always wanted to stop by to see this quaint house of worship. Needless to say, I was excited when I found out that Fritz and Kristi's wedding ceremony would be held in this building! It was the perfect place for a small intimate wedding just at the beginning of autumn.

Family and friends met at the church Friday afternoon for the rehearsal, and  Kristi and Fritz's embrace said it all about the wedding day to come.

While Kristi prepared herself at the beginning of the wedding day, her friends and family were close by to celebrate with her.

Kristi's father was there with her throughout the wedding morning, to celebrate and walk her down the aisle. This is the view through the window of the church building as the bride was on her way to meet the groom.


Of course these two ladies stole the show.

The most exciting time is the moment the marriage is sealed with a kiss, and two people are joined together in a covenantal bond, one that is established by God and not easily broken. This is a profound step in the lives of two people, and I consider it a privilege to have an all access pass to go wherever the story leads.

What I enjoyed seeing the most at this wedding was the focus Christ being at the center of their marriage and the importance of specific people in the lives of Fritz and Kristi. Tender moments were everywhere and joy was overflowing as this couple came to make their wedding vows to each other.

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