Field of Color: Peter and Ximena | Burke VA Wedding

Whenever I photograph a wedding, I am always looking for something special to include in the images.

Honestly it isn't very hard, each and every couple is different, every venue is different, which means there is an endless amount of variety in what could at first seem to be monotonous. Each wedding is unique, and that is one reason why I enjoy photographing them so much.

In the case of Peter and Ximena's wedding, when I walked in to the Church of the Nativity in Burke Virginia, I knew immediately that I wanted to feature the couple with the stained glass windows. This wasn't just a small window off to the side or at the front of the church, this window took up almost an entire wall, casting beams of beautifully intricate colored lights into the church.

After the ceremony, we took time at Burke Lake to capture portraits of the bride and groom in a nature rich environment. It was fun capturing this couple talking and laughing; being themselves on their day.

Thanks for stopping by to enjoy the highlights below! Click here if you want to see more from Pete and Ximena's day.