Patrick and Allison: River Farm Wedding in Alexandria

Not long ago I wrote about a red sky in the morning and one of the most incredible skies I have ever seen. It was that morning which later resulted in a blazing red evening!

Fortunately for Patrick and Allison, the rain which that red sky threatened held off during the most important times of the day; mainly the outdoor wedding ceremony! An outdoor ceremony was something that this couple didn't want to budge on. When you hold a wedding at a place like River Farm in Alexandria, a place filled with greenery, gardens, and waterfront access, you hope and pray for no rain.

When I photographed Patrick and Allison for their engagement session in May, I found that they were very comfortable in front of the camera. They knew how to be relaxed, to ignore me at the right times and enjoy their moments together. This made their first look, ceremony, and portraits a joy to capture, as they freely allowed their authentic emotions to be captured throughout the day.

Not only were Patrick and Allison fun to photograph, they had an awesome wedding party! This was a group of people who wanted to have fun, knew how to celebrate, and who wanted to get some great photos in the process! Creative hotel bed jumping was just one instance of this.