Red Sky In The Morning

"Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning."

I remember first hearing this saying in the movie The Great Escape. It is by far one of my favorite films, and over the years this quote from James Garner has always stuck in my head. Every time I see a red sky in the morning, I remember the quote and think, "it is going to storm today."

 A light rain was already falling as Hannah and I went out on our morning walk together. We are blessed to rent an apartment on a 150 acre farm, complete with a sizable pond and a half mile driveway! As two people who love to walk, hike, and experience the outdoors, this is perfect for us. Each morning is a new adventure, but on this day we were greeted by the most incredible sky that we have seen, maybe ever.

The images you see below are not photoshopped such that the colors are unrealistic, this is what we actually experienced! As we walked down the driveway, drama in the sky continued to increase, with more intricate colors, patterns, shafts of light, and when we turned around, a double rainbow! Words failed us as we stood in awe of our Creator and the morning we had been blessed to experience. These photos only give an impression of the intensity of the sky that day.

I'm no weather man, but I have found that whatever happens in a red morning leads to a storm later in the day, and this particular morning was no exception! Later in the day I photographed Patrick and Allison's wedding, where we were just barely able to skirt heavy rain and storms during the ceremony. The best part about it all was the end of the day, which was just like it's beginning, with a magnificent sky!

Patrick and Allison's wedding photos will be coming soon, so stay tuned for more!

Even though we had some rain for today's wedding, we also had an incredible sky at the River Farm! Congrats to Patrick...

Posted by Robert Jinks Photography on Saturday, September 12, 2015