Romaric and Emily's Wedding Day!

As a photographer, being so close when two families are coming together to join as one is a truly special privilege. I get a front row seat in more ways than one! It was a blessing to be so close to Romaric and Emily, to witness the joy, love, and commitment they promised to each other that day.

Because I met Romaric and Emily during my time at Geneva College and many of the people on their guest list were people I know very well, this wedding was a little bit like coming home! I had a wonderful time capturing the intense joys and beautiful moments during the day, and doing so in an environment of friendship.

As with all weddings, I take a photojournalistic approach throughout the day, but I also have a love for portraiture. It is always my goal to come back with great images that show something of the subjects character and personality. With Romaric I wanted to show his quiet intensity, and with Emily I wanted to convey her natural beauty and ability for serenity. I never once saw her show signs of stress!

One of the most special moments that day was Romaric and Emily's first look before the ceremony. It was exciting for me to be there when they saw each other for the first time that day with the knowledge that they would be married in just a few hours! 

This last image just might be my favorite! Not only was it fun for me to get this image from a technical side (standing on a chair with a camera attached to a tripod, pre-focusing to about the right area, using a remote to fire two wireless flashes, setting a two second timer so I had time enough time to get the camera in the air, and getting everyone to shout towards the ceiling) , but feeling and capturing the energy, friendship and excitement from the day was exhilarating and something I will not forget!

Below are the highlights from the day, but be sure to visit the full gallery here to see or purchase prints from over 500 additional images.