Patrick and Allison's D.C. Engagement Session

When you hear about the Tidal Basin in Washington D.C. you might think of the stunning cherry blossom trees that bloom each spring. While that is an excellent time for photos, it is not the only beautiful season in D.C. Patrick, Allison, and I chose to visit the area a few weeks after, when the tourist crowds were gone and the trees had turned a fresh bright green.

My instructions for Patrick and Allison were to enjoy the afternoon together and let me capture them with authentic emotions and expressions. This meant putting them in a picturesque setting and let them be themselves. Occasionally some posing was needed for a particular shot, but overall I wanted them to be comfortable and not have the feeling that they needed to be stiff or mannequin-like. 

Enjoy these casual engagement photos and the greener view of the Tidal Basin.