Zack and Kathleen's Beach Wedding

I always appreciate and enjoy a wedding where I am actually good friends with the couple. In this case, Zack was one of my college roommates, so I have known him and Kathleen for the past few years. It was an honor to be a part of the celebration; to see the two of them join together in marriage.

Although I was a little nervous about a beach wedding in July, it turned out to be a fantastic day. It was held just southeast of Solomon's Island, at the edge of Cedar Point in Maryland. We had beaches, trees, boardwalks; plenty of interesting scenarios that allowed me to get creative.

What I most enjoyed, as usual, was the opportunity for portraits with the bride and groom. I always want to feature the couple in a place that tells the story of their day, which in this case had to be the beach. This is a wonderful area for images, as the sand reflects a lot of light back up at the subject, creating a natural fill. But the sun was hot and high overhead, so we spent more time later in the day at the Solomon's Island boardwalk. There I had warm afternoon light and many leading lines to help me create interest for their portraits.

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