Jonathan and Allison: A McLean, Virginia Backyard Wedding

To find the best venue around, Allison and Jonathan had to look no further than Allison's backyard! Be sure to notice in the photo above, however, that this is no ordinary backyard. 

This is the first wedding that I have been a part of that was held from start to finish at the family's house. Allison's childhood home in McLean Virginia was the perfect location for a wedding, with the ceremony held in the back right next to the pool! From the first time that I visited this home, I knew I wanted to feature this location in particular for the bride and groom's portraits. 

For the image above, I used a single flash behind them to provide more separation and depth, and a single light from the front left. These, combined with the colorful lighting in the water and around the pool, were a great combination to show where Allison and Jonathan made their vows.

I enjoyed the authentic candid moments throughout the day. Everything from moments with the bride and her father, to guests, family pets, to the wacky fun of getting ready with siblings guarding the door!

Enjoy the wedding highlights below, but click here if you want to see all of the images from their day! Be sure to like, commend, and share with your friends!

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