Brian and Carol: Wedding in the Shenandoah National Park

One thing I've learned about the Shenandoah is that you never know what will come next! 

Brian and Carol's wedding day began with clouds and rain coming in over Skyland Resort at the crest of the Shenandoah Mountains. While getting ready in one of the Skyland cabins they both wondered if having an outdoor ceremony was still going to be an option.

A little backstory on Brian and Carol, because this couple is used to tough situations and adverse weather conditions.

Brian and Carol are horse lovers and engage in endurance riding, a team horse racing sport. Together, this couple has ridden over 3000 miles of trail in competition. Some of the stories they told me about weather they encountered over those miles made me realize that nothing the Shenandoah could throw at them on their wedding day was going to faze them.

But in true Shenandoah fashion, the weather at the top of the ridge changed many times throughout the day. Fortunately, the ceremony was able to be outside, as the clouds parted and the sun came through just in time for the I do's.

But the weather changes didn't stop there, there was still half the day to go!

As the reception began, the fog rolled back in, and brought with it rain and marble size hail! The kids of course loved it.

My favorite part of any wedding day is the opportunity to focus on portraits with the bride and groom. When I'm in the Shenandoah, I get especially excited to incorporate the views and overlooks. When we stepped out of the car to capture images, we saw the most incredible view looking into the valley, a welcome blessing to a end a hectic day of weather.

The only problem with this location was the wind. It was moving with about 20 to 30mph gusts! Obviously, in high 40 degree weather, we didn't stay long! None of us were prepared for the cold that came suddenly to the ridge. Still, we were able to capture these two images below, some of my favorite from Brian and Carol's day. 

It's always a pleasure to be able to share in the joys, and sometimes trials, of the wedding day! Weather certainly doesn't have to be one of those trials, it becomes a part of the story.