Raspberry Plains Manor Wedding: Grant and Allison

Raspberry Plains Manor Wedding Leesburg Virginia

Let's go back to Feb 10, 2018. It was a gray, cloudy, misty day in Leesburg Virginia. But that was on the outside. On the inside, it was a day filled with excitement and anticipation. Grant and Allison were about to be married! Their ceremony was held at Saint John the Apostle Catholic Church in Leesburg, a large, bright church with a expansive sanctuary, while the cocktail hour and reception were held at the historic, classic Raspberry Plains Manor.

The day started for me at Lansdowne Resort, where the ladies were getting ready. As soon as Allison put her dress on the tears started flowing; Allison's bridesmaids and family couldn't hold it back! The best part of the morning was capturing the touching moment when Allison's Dad came in and saw her for the first time that day.

Grant and Allison are two amazing people, just look back at their engagement session for starters! They bonded over sports, and by bonded I mean they met on Twitter arguing about baseball! Their first date was a 13 inning Orioles game and from there they never stopped hanging out. 

There are so many things to highlight from their wedding, things like the custom made baseball card name place settings, the fruit and floral arrangements for the bridal party table, the baseball vendor-like delivery of popcorn and other reception treats, fried Oreos,  a champagne tower, and Allison's epic ring! But my favorite time of the day came during the reception, where people went totally nuts! This was an absolutely blast of a reception.

Check it all out, scroll down to see the highlights!