The Fairmont Hotel DC | Kevin and Zoe

The Fairmont Hotel DC Wedding

Kevin and Zoe's wedding was held at the beautiful, Fairmont Hotel in Washington DC. The Fairmont has everything right there on-site; we stayed on the grounds of the hotel the entire day and got incredible shots! While it was full of great places for photos, two areas that stood out to me were the foyer with the modern glass ceiling and the reception dance floor set in-the-round. The glass ceiling cast a lot of interesting shadows and was a great backdrop for the guys. The reception dance floor (also the site of the ceremony) was perfect, as people could come into the middle of the room to dance or easily walk around to enjoy the rest of the party.

This wedding was one of those fun and rare times where I was actually the second photographer! It's always a fun opportunity to shoot alongside Mason Photography and on this day it was my job much of the time to follow the groom. It was great getting to know Kevin and his band of men!

Enjoy the highlights below, from the perspective of a second photographer!